Why Traust Sollus Exists: To Transform Lives

Traust Sollus started as a certified public accounting firm that specialized in sophisticated income tax strategies for high new worth individuals. In our work, we began to hear other questions and concerns from clients. We found we could not answer questions or address concerns such as:

  • I feel out of control. How do I gain more control over my finances?
  • I want reduce the stress and anxieties I have around my finances?
  • How do I make good financial decisions?
  • Am I saving enough for my retirement? For education for my children?
  • I want to be able to retire sooner.
  • How do I stop working so hard and enjoy more personal time?
  • Is my investment portfolio invested to protect me and earn what I need?
  • I want to ensure that my loved ones are protected if something happens to me.
  • I want to live a great lifestyle now and in retirement. How can you help me?

Most people receive little, if any, financial education. Because of this, we saw clients regularly making poor financial decisions – some were disastrous. We also saw clients putting off lifestyle choices like travel and vacation homes that make life worth living. They feared not having enough in the future.


We found we could transform their lives by showing them how to make better financial decisions. Through our proprietary Integrated Cash Flow Management Approach℠ and our Wealth Building Formula® process, we’ve helped hundreds of clients make the correct financial decisions.


For over thirty years, we have provided a way for people to make better financial decisions, gain greater control over their lives, control their destinies, live the lifestyles they wish now and in the future, gain the freedom to work and live the way they wished and have less stress and anxiety in their lives.


We transform lives. We can transform yours. We live to do this every day.