Barry Newman, CPA

Principal, Traust Sollus Certified Public Accountants, LLC

Prior Experience: Partner, Lehman Newman Flynn Vollaro CPAs; Partner, Weisser & Newman CPAs

Education: Bachelor’s in accounting, New York Institute of Technology

Why does Traust Sollus exist? 

To help our clients successfully manage their financial lives, free of the anxiety and stress that many people associate with financial matters.

Why brought you to Traust Sollus?

It was both the people at the firm and the firm’s clients. I truly value my colleagues and their dedication, and we have interesting clients who I feel privileged to serve.

How does your role fit in the big picture of serving clients?

I’m head of Traust Sollus Certified Public Accountants, the firm’s tax and accounting division. I work alongside the firm’s wealth advisors to develop strategies to reduce our clients’ tax bills and increase their after-tax investment returns.

What is your favorite sport or activity?

It’s definitely football. I find the strategy and execution of football extremely interesting. I also enjoy reading and dining out.