John Silletto

Chief Investment Officer

Prior Experience: President and Chief Investment Officer, Signal Capital Management (the investment advisory subsidiary of Old National Bancorp); Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Old National Trust Company; Vice President and Investment Officer, American National Trust and Investment Management; Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, JPMorgan Chase NE Indiana Region (formerly NBD Bancorp, Indiana)

Education: Bachelor’s degree in finance, Indiana University; completed the Cannon Financial Institute for Advanced Trust Investment School, University of Notre Dame

Why did you choose to join Traust Sollus?

Before joining the firm, I was President and CIO of a multibillion-dollar, bank-owned investment advisor, where I only had contact with the largest institutional clients and family offices. I wanted to return to a smaller, more personalized organization where I could focus on managing investments and, most importantly, see the results of those investments help people achieve their goals.

What makes you excited about coming to work every day?

The people at Traust Sollus and seeing them strive to always do the best for clients. Everyone at the firm goes the extra mile, and there’s nothing better than having clients recognize and appreciate that.

How does your role fit into the big picture of serving clients?

As CIO, I work closely with our wealth advisors to determine the best portfolio construction for each client, designed specifically for their needs. I also work directly with clients to educate them on investing, so they better understand the nature of the markets and become more comfortable with the inevitable ups and downs.

What is your favorite sport or activity?

Cooking. Having been a professional chef and restaurateur earlier in life, I still love to seek out great ingredients and prepare great meals for family and friends. It provides the creative outlet and opportunity to work with my hands that I need as a counterbalance to my work at Traust Sollus.