About Us

Traust Sollus: How We Transform Lives

  • Always make the best financial decisions, now and always
  • Know the decisions you are making are right for you and your loved ones
  • Determine how a second home or renovating your home affects how long you work
  • Know the effect on your financial future when adding a partner, new location or selling your business
  • Don’t hope it will all be OK in the end . . . determine it yourself!

Through Our Proprietary Approach and Process

Integrated Cash Flow Management Approach℠

We look at every part of your financial life to find additional cash savings.  When we find this additional cash, you can spend it or save it.  If you save it, you can:

  • Achieve your financial plan, choices in life or retirement sooner, or
  • Have more wealth than you need when you stop working, or
  • Reduce the risk in your portfolio, since you have excess wealth

Wealth Building Formula® Process

Having benchmarks in your customized and personalized Wealth Building Formula® allows you to know how financial decisions affect you, the life you live now and how long you will have to work.   If you are financial independent, you will see how financial decisions can grow new wealth for you.

Our proprietary processes for helping clients build, preserve and manage their wealth have been granted registered status by the U.S Patent and Trademark office, and have garnered national recognition by publications as diverse as The New York Times, Worth and Medical Economics.

Let us show you how to apply these processes and others to find more cash savings, allow you to live the life you wish now and in the future, reducing stress and anxiety around your financial life.  If you are financially independent, allow us to show you how to build additional wealth and properly preserve and manage your wealth.