Golden again

Peter and Rose went from worrying they would outlive their savings to feeling secure about the future — and enjoying a better lifestyle. By implementing our recommendations, they increased their annual cash flow by more than $300,000 and created an enduring family legacy.


Peter, a 79-year-old retired CEO, and his wife Rose, 69, saw the value of their investment portfolio decline dramatically in the early 2000s, resulting in a significant reduction in their cash flow. They were forced into survival mode — they ceased all travel, deferred home maintenance and stopped supporting the charities they had established. Peter, in particular, was concerned that Rose might not be financially secure for the rest of her life, and they both worried they wouldn’t have anything to leave their four children and 15 grandchildren.


  • Restructure the investment portfolio to increase income and maximize tax efficiency
  • Reorganize mortgage debt to decrease monthly payments
  • Properly record charitable contributions for tax purposes
  • Review life, health and property-casualty insurance policies


Restructuring the investment portfolio and reorganizing the debt generated more than $280,000 in additional annual cash flow for Peter and Rose. They also reduced their tax payments by over $20,000 annually by claiming charitable deductions and saved $18,000 per year in insurance premiums — while obtaining better coverage. With the additional cash flow, Peter and Rose were able to return to their former lifestyle. Peter passed away at age 90 without ever having to return to survival mode, and more than $1 million was transferred to his children upon his death. Rose maintains her lifestyle and will be able to pass on an additional legacy to her heirs.


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