Protect and grow


Insurance is widely used but rarely understood. As a result, people often pay too much for coverage, address the wrong risks and overlook wealth-building opportunities.

As an independent insurance consultant, we advise you on which risks you should bear personally and which should be shifted to an insurance company — recommendations informed by our knowledge of your financial plan and investments. We then look across providers to find the most cost-effective policies for your needs.

We also show you how life insurance can be used to grow wealth tax free, hedge against market volatility and rising tax rates, leave more to your heirs, or enhance your charitable giving. Life insurance can even provide a legacy through a secure, tax-free stream of income that can benefit you and the next generation of our family for years to come.

Insurance strategies include:
  • Annual risk review to confirm you have the right coverage at the right cost

  • Long term care insurance to prevent a catastrophic or chronic illness from eroding assets

  • Programs for funding specific goals, such as leaving a legacy to children or grandchildren with insurance

  • Income replacement in the event of disability or death

  • Key person insurance to protect a business

  • Life insurance as a vehicle for easing tax payments for heirs