Advice that is clear, tax efficient and creative


The investment landscape can be daunting. Choices abound, information travels at warp speed and markets are volatile.

We take the time to clarify investing for you so that you understand the benefit of each choice we make in managing your portfolio. What’s more, we keep you from falling into common traps that can derail your investment program, such as overreacting to short-term market movements.

We implement portfolio strategies designed to achieve your long-term return target while managing risk and minimizing taxes. If you’re also a financial planning client, your wealth advisor — a CPA — will coordinate with our investment team, providing an additional layer of tax oversight.

You can trust that our recommendations are always in your best interest. Traust Sollus doesn’t use proprietary investment products or receive compensation for selecting third-party products.

Investment advisory includes:
  • Detailed assessment to establish a long-term return target

  • Multiple strategies for putting tax-inefficient investments into tax-deferred accounts

  • Liquidity management to ensure cash is available when needed

  • Asset allocation across a diversified mix of security types and geographic regions

  • Advanced technology to increase after-tax returns for equity strategies

  • Reporting on all assets, including assets not managed by Traust Sollus

  • Manager and fund selection that does not come from a limited universe of proprietary products

  • Opportunistic rebalancing of portfolios to systematically sell high/buy low

  • Communication and education on how to avoid common investor behavioral mistakes