Differences that matter

If you think all wealth managers engage with clients in the same way, think again.

Traust Sollus cuts through the clutter of a marketplace filled with “me too” competitors — firms that approach wealth management from the same tired perspective, often putting their own interests ahead of clients through the use of proprietary investment products.

We rise above the crowd by being tireless in our pursuit and creative in our approach to providing you with real value. From our practical advice, to the targets and strategies we build into your financial plan, to the caliber of our advisors, we offer a fresh alternative. The bottom line: a unique approach that can accelerate your progress.

Meaningful distinctions
  • Plan Target

  • Traust Sollus offers:

    Traust Sollus offers: A customized Wealth Building Formula®, including a long-term investment return target, to keep you on track and help you make decisions

  • Many other firms offer:

    Many other firms offer: No clear target or an arbitrary target, such as the return of the S&P 500 Index

  • Plan Strategy

  • Traust Sollus offers:Multiple wealth drivers to increase the cash you have to invest or spend

  • Many other firms offer:Narrow focus on investment returns; other considerations tend to be minimalized or afterthoughts

  • Plan Implementation

  • Traust Sollus offers:Wealth advisors who are all CPAs with strong tax backgrounds

    Non-proprietary platform of unaffiliated, independently-managed investment strategies

  • Many other firms offer:Advisors with little or no expertise in tax and accounting

    Proprietary and third-party products for which they receive compensation