The CFO Mindset

What would Apple do?

This one, simple question defines how we think about your financial life — and how we instruct you to think about it, too.

We call this the “CFO Mindset.” Properly executed, the CFO Mindset means managing your finances the way a well-run company does. Well-run companies have clear targets and multiple paths to achieve them. They consider all angles when making decisions and continuously track their progress.

Traust Sollus shows you how to embrace the CFO Mindset — how to apply the practices of the most skilled CFOs to live the life you want, now and in the future.

Our philosophy: the CFO Mindset
  • Set clear targets

    CFOs know what earnings per share, return on equity and other benchmarks they have to achieve. They define these goals in absolute numbers and percentages.

    Most people lack clear goals.
  • Identify multiple success drivers

    CFOs look for opportunities to reach their goals wherever they can find them, whether that’s by growing revenues, cutting costs, using debt more effectively or investing for the future.

    Most people rely solely on investment returns.
  • Make well-informed decisions

    CFOs think through the full impact of the choices they make.

    Most people make decisions in a vacuum.
  • Continuously track your results

    CFOs keep a close eye on sales, expenses and other metrics to monitor progress toward their targets, making adjustments as needed.

    Most people “set it and forget it.”