Working to cut your tax bill


When it comes to taxes, we’re on a mission: to ensure you pay the least amount that is legally due.

Our approach is forward looking and strategic — we don’t simply collect your tax information and mechanically generate a return. Instead, we conduct a thorough analysis of your circumstances, looking for unused benefits and creating sophisticated strategies to reduce your tax liability. We anticipate how today’s choices will affect your tax situation and lifestyle tomorrow, and we prevent and mitigate problems before they occur.

We also provide annual tax projections so there are no surprises about the taxes you owe and when payments are due.

Tax planning and filing includes:
  • State and federal income tax planning and filing for individuals, companies and trusts

  • Tax projections of taxes due months in advance of deadlines

  • Audit representation

  • Income tax reduction strategies, including tax-loss harvesting to minimize capital gains taxes

  • Year-end tax reviews

  • Review of previously filed returns to potentially identify missed tax savings opportunities