Your Wealth Building Formula®

Your Wealth Building Formula® is the personal financial benchmark we create for you. It’s a straightforward equation that translates your specific goals into exact numbers, providing answers to questions like:

  • What kind of cash flow do I need to make sure that I can live the lifestyle I want?
  • What does that equate to in wealth?
  • What types of investments and returns do I need so that my wealth generates the cash flow I need?
  • What time frame are we talking about to get to that point?

Knowing your Wealth Building Formula® is critical to achieving financial independence within a time horizon that is feasible given your goals and how you want to live now.

Working your Wealth Building Formula® — using it as a yardstick against which to measure all financial decisions — is equally as important. By working your formula, you can reach your goals faster, accumulate more wealth and/or lower the risk in your investment portfolio.

Wealth Building Formula®
Cashx Time x %Return = Wealth
Cash Flow Management

We offer numerous strategies to increase your cash — wealth drivers that, in many cases, can immediately demonstrate the value we deliver

Investment Management

We design and implement a customized investment program that will help you achieve your target return with the least amount of risk

Cash Investments and annual contributions required to achieve your wealth goals
Time Number of years needed to reach financial independence/number of years until end of plan
% Return The target, long-term investment return objective required to fund your goals
Wealth Annual cash flow needed to achieve financial independence for the rest of your life