Well within reach

Sarah and Richard, both successful professionals, had big dreams that we helped turn into reality. By following our advice, they purchased a vacation home and shortened their time to financial independence — all while generating over $275,000 in additional annual cash flow and $45,000 in one-time cash flow.


Sarah, a 52-year-old corporate vice president, and Richard, a 54-year-old self-employed writer, earn a combined annual salary of $850,000, and Sarah receives an additional $250,000 in annual bonus. They have a $400,000 mortgage on their $1.5 million residence, $3.5 million in retirement and investment accounts, and $515,000 in 529 plan accounts for their three children. Sarah wants to make work an option, not a requirement, by age 60; Richard wants to know he can stop writing by age 65 if he wishes. They want to make an all-cash purchase of a $1 million vacation home and pay off the mortgage on their primary residence as soon as possible.


  • Withdraw $800,000 of equity out of the primary residence versus paying off the mortgage
  • Buy the vacation home but obtain another mortgage for 80% of the purchase price
  • Establish a limited liability company to create a cash balance pension plan for Richard; add Sarah as a co-owner so she can participate in the plan
  • Place Sarah’s bonus in a deferred compensation plan offered by her company
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of life, disability and property-casualty insurance policies
  • Claim the home office deduction for Richard; amend and re-file personal income tax returns for the last three years


Sarah and Richard generated an additional $98,000 in cash flow and saved $30,000 annually in taxes by implementing our strategies around their real estate debt. Through the cash balance pension plan, they are able to shelter $400,000 from taxation, thus saving more than $160,000 per year. The review of their insurance policies allowed them to increase their life insurance death benefit while reducing their total annual premium expense by $19,000. By claiming the home office deduction and re-filing their tax returns, they received $45,000 in tax refunds. They should achieve financial independence when Sarah turns 56 — four years ahead of target.


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